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Kilkenny Community Church

Failte Isteach - Evangelical Christian/ Spirit Filled Fellowship

Welcome to the Kilkenny Community Church website. We are an Evangelical Christian, Spirit-filled fellowship and we meet on Sunday mornings for worship and inspirational teachings at 17 Irishtown (Near the Watergate Theatre, and close to the Brewery entrance).

The meeting starts at 11AM, but you are very welcome to join us for our prayer meeting at 10.30AM before the service.

For the meeting we usually have a period of Praise and Worship followed by a teaching from the Word of God. Children go to their own groups after the worship and there is also a crêche for smaller children.

During the week we have a variety of programs, as listed below. All of them are meant to encourage, strengthen and build one another in the things  of God. We also seek to reach out in practical and sensitive ways to those who need to experience God’s love.

Please come and celebrate the Lord with us. It’s fine to just arrive and see what we do. There are some teachings on this site to listen to and also there is a prayer request form if you need prayer. Please feel free to use the contact page if you have any questions etc.

Besides our Sunday Meeting at 11am, we can also be found at the church premises during the below days and times.


HEALING ROOMS MINISTRY: 10 -11am on the 2nd and 4th Saturday of each month. The prayer and ministry are confidential and free.


PRAYER TIME for the city and all other needs: 10am to 11am on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday at 10.30am. DO DROP IN and TAKE PART!


GRACE COURSE: Begins on the 5th May until mid-Jun. Every Tuesday at 7.30pm and Wednesday at 10.30am. Everyone welcome.


FREE COFFEE BAR . . . Tuesday & Thursday. 10am - 12.30pm. You are welcome.


YOUTH GROUP (Secondary 1st to 6th year): Sunday 7.00pm. Contact Rebekah or Dylan on 086732 4509.



* * RECOVERY * SUPPORT * GROUP * * Meeting every Friday 7.30pm to SUPPORT ANYONE in their recovery from alcohol and drug use or addiction (Richard 085-7214250)


Sunday, 18th October, 7pm at our premises. An evening of praise and worship with SIMPLE FAITH, Northern Ireland's award winning Southern Gospel Group of the Year.